Testimonial 3


The Notary just left, we are closed! I cannot begin to tell you and everyone who worked on this how much this means to me and my family. We have been on one of the most excruciating journeys trying to make everything as right as we could. 1st Alliance cannot be lumped in with all of the other mortgage companies we’ve had to deal with. Given our situation, we have NEVER been treated as well as you and 1st Alliance have treated us. You treated us with respect and when this process seemed to have met an end you went that little (ok a lot!) extra to make this come to fruition. What you, 1stAlliance, Carrington and FCI did for us…well it’s something I imagined only family would do for us. I would have never imagined a mortgage company would treat us that way….I just can’t say enough!

Obviously you have been my main contact through all of this, so please pass on my heartfelt thanks to anyone else that had a hand in helping us!

Thank you!


Mark Erickson