Our Story

You don’t buy a home with a stranger. That’s why we believe so strongly in personal service every step of the way. But that’s just part of our story, here you can get to know us even better

A Sustaining Idea
Long before the housing bubble burst, the founders of 1st Alliance Lending did not like the “lending norm” all around them. It seemed irresponsible. How could borrowers sustain these mortgages if something went wrong? They didn’t like how impersonal the business had gotten; computers making “decisions” based on a number instead of people having a conversation about the right path.
Of course, it’s one thing to feel this way, and quite another to do something about it. They quit their jobs and started a company that would follow the principles they felt so strongly about – that success is more than profits. It’s about creating partnerships, sustainable partnerships. So when one wins, we all win.

The 1st “Office”
With just an idea and no clients, the first 1st Alliance Lending “office” was a table in a coffee shop. When they got a few more people onboard, they’d work out of bookstore cafés or on the road from their cars and eventually, a borrowed conference room. But like any start-up, the people involved had like-minds and tremendous passion for what they were doing, and the business began to take off.

The Bubble Bursts
When the market made its devastating collapse, the Department of Housing and Urban Development created a new program, Help for Homeowners. It was a refinance program that reduced principal to get to a level of a more affordable, less risky loan. No one was using it. There were a lot of P/R reasons not to. 1st Alliance looked at it differently. They felt, “if we look, really look at the borrower, find out where they were successful and do all we can to get them back to that point, they will be successful again.” They saw the program as a way to help reset a borrower’s “success point” and help them move forward. This helps neighborhoods as well; when one home goes into foreclosure, the neighboring homes immediately lose 10% of their market value.

1st Alliance Lending saved thousands of families from losing their homes and helped them rebuild their credit. They saved entire communities from a potential downward spiral. That powerful and emotional period only strengthened the 1st Alliance commitment to sustainable partnership.

Everyone has a story
While other lenders are completely automated, 1st Alliance will listen to what a borrower has to say. What is their story? If there was a hardship, when was it? What was it? How have they been managing their money since then? Saving? Paying the rent on time? No computer has ever asked these questions or bothered to find out. But 1st Alliance does. Because we’re not just a collector of payments, we’re in it together. This way of doing business has allowed 1st Alliance Lending to grow and help not just distressed homeowners, but new homebuyers as well. It turns out that making loans that make sense, creating the sustainable partnership, is a wonderful way to help people get or keep the place they love most, home.