A Second Chance

You lost your home. Or you lost your credit. Either way, a computer doesn’t care what your story is or where you’re at now. But we do. That’s why at 1st Alliance we don’t base lending decisions strictly on credit scores; we want to know what happened. When were you successful at paying your mortgage? How can we get you to a point that lets you succeed again? Have you tried to repair your credit? Started saving? Have you been paying your bills on time in recent months? That’s just part of the conversation that helps us get the whole picture. Having that truth helps us create a loan for you that is sustainable today, and will continue to be down the road.

So, if you’ve hit on tough times and lost your home and are ready to rebuild, we can help with an FHA Back to Work loan that lets you reapply after only 12 months. For us it’s more than a loan, it’s a second chance at the American dream. Let us help you find a way to the place you love most, home.