Home For The Holidays

Most of us can remember the smell of our mom’s cooking, or bringing home our first pet, or the excitement we felt as a child the moment we opened our eyes on Christmas morning. These are special memories engrained deep in our minds and hearts that a sound or smell can take us back to in a heartbeat.

Deep-rooted traditions, simple as they may be, are passed down and cherished through generations. Many traditions circle around the home and are special because of it. Maybe for you it was marshmallow night on cold Sunday evenings; a fire in the fireplace, long wooden sticks and marshmallows toasted golden brown. Or perhaps it was that one night a month that you had backwards dinners that began with dessert and ended with appetizers. For me it was dancing with my mother as we counted down the New Year’s clock. Whatever your memories are, the home and the family within it make them special.

Most parents hope to create these special moments for their own children, but many have faced serious hardships in the past several years and those dreams have been put on hold. Job loss, illness, or unanticipated expenses can change the financial foundation for a family. In recent years many have been forced to navigate rather treacherous waters, trying to maintain some stability for their families during very unstable financial times. For many, the fear of losing a home became a reality.

As our nation begins its financial recovery, so, too, do many families who lost their homes. For some this may be the first year in many that they find themselves celebrating the Holiday Season in a home again. Seemingly when we do everything right; build a career, get married, purchase a home, we never imagine we could lose that home, but these years have taught us that nothing is set in stone. Nothing is guaranteed.

This is a new year. This year is sure to prove a new leaf has been turned and 1st Alliance is ready to be a part of this exciting time. The FHA – “Back to Work” plan is here and 1st Alliance Lending is an expert-lending firm offering the product. If not for this plan, many families would still be dreaming of owning a home and waking up in a rental. Perhaps you are in this situation.

“Back to Work”, or as 1st Alliance likes to call it, “Welcome Home”, has been exactly that, a ticket home for many. With expert guidance from some very caring people, this will be the year so many families gain back their independence. Owning a home provides a sense of security, sense of belonging and sense of safety.

If you have previously lost a home and are in the midst of financial recovery, have you considered the FHA – “Back to Work” lending program? Perhaps this is your year too. Let us help you find your way back home. It is the place we love most.

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