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I had a foreclosure and worry I will never be able to own a home again

Many people who have suffered a foreclosure worry they will never be able to own a home again. The good news is that most foreclosure victims will become homeowners again! If you had a foreclosure, consider taking the following steps to help you achieve the dream of owning your own home again. Waiting Period If […]

What are the FHA Back to Work Counseling Requirements?

The housing collapse caused many homeowners to short-sell their homes while others faced devastating foreclosures. If this unfortunate situation affected you and your family you may be interested to learn about the FHA Back to Work program. The government recognized the impact the collapse had on millions of Americans. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) created […]

Ready for a New Home After a Short Sale?

Did you avoid foreclosure on a previous home by conducting a short sale instead?  Wise choice! You resolved your debt, avoided court and minimized the damage to your credit. Now are you getting back on your feet and considering your options?  Are you ready to find a new place to call home? At 1st Alliance Lending we […]

We’d Love to be Your Back to Work Lender

If you’re like some families in the United States, you may have suffered a foreclosure because of a job loss recently. The economy sent many families into financial crisis, and unfortunately, foreclosures were much too common for a large percentage of our country. Now that some time has passed, hopefully you’ve been able to recover […]

Home For The Holidays

Most of us can remember the smell of our mom’s cooking, or bringing home our first pet, or the excitement we felt as a child the moment we opened our eyes on Christmas morning. These are special memories engrained deep in our minds and hearts that a sound or smell can take us back to […]

1st Alliance Lending unveils new marketing film at annual event

Feb. 19, 2013 – Hartford-based 1st Alliance Lending celebrated the release of a new marketing film during the company’s annual event held January 24 at Mohegan Sun. Directed by David Horgan, whose credits include work with Oscar nominee Will Smith, the impactful film serves as the focal point of the company’s new website at […]