#1 – Staying Power

As you begin your journey on the first time homebuyer path, you’ll begin to see how the process can take a long time. Lots of paperwork, financial disclosures, and state policies are just a few of the important steps involved with buying your first home. At 1st Alliance Lending, we put you first—and keep you first! We don’t bring you into the office to discuss options and possibilities only to leave you hanging when the paperwork gets rough or the lending options change. Our lending agents are trained to have the staying power to journey with you the entire way!

#2 – Non-Judgmental Attitude

When buying your first home, lending agents and mortgage companies gain access to many areas of your life, from past bills and places of residence to employment and family circumstances. At 1st Alliance Lending, we understand that everyone is coming from a different place in life that involves his or her unique set of circumstances. Our lending agents have helped all types of people with all types of past and present experiences. We know just how important it is not to judge our clients but rather help them achieve their goals. We want you to feel comfortable with us so that your first time home buying experience is a positive one.

#3 – Quick Responses

You will have many questions for your lending agent when you are buying your first home, and you don’t want to have to wait around for answers. We respond quickly to any and all questions that you have. Remember, with us, we know that there’s no such thing as a stupid question!

#4 – Superior Knowledge

Specializing in helping those recovering from the most difficult circumstances on the market—foreclosures and short sales, we bring superior knowledge to the table no matter what your history. We understand that the best deals aren’t always the easiest deals! Federal and state real estate policies, as well as ever-changing paperwork requirements are very tricky, but we keep our knowledge current with this evolving landscape so you don’t have to!

#5 – Results

The combined work ethic of 1st Alliance Lending with our staying power, non-judgmental attitude, quick responses, and superior knowledge means something very important to you, the first time home buyer: RESULTS. We will help you get into your first home with excellent terms that cater to your specific needs!

For more information about buying your first home, please contact us any time with any questions you may have.