My garage was filled with bicycles, soccer cleats, fishing poles and skateboards. My living room was a sea of crayons and coloring books, a few video games on the floor and a ballerina twirling in front of the TV to see her reflection. There was a constant run of children in and out of the fridge emptying its contents as fast as I could replenish them. This may sound like chaos to you, but it was everything to me. It was everything familiar and everything I loved. I never thought for a minute I wouldn’t have this until the unthinkable happened and my husband lost his job. No one ever expects to be in this situation but unfortunately we were facing it head on.

Without too many options, the bank foreclosed on the house and we moved to a rental. I found a job; my husband searched daily and the kids adjusted to a new life and became very independent. It wasn’t a life we enjoyed but it was one we had to endure. So a year has passed now and things are beginning to change and I am beginning to feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel and maybe, just maybe, we can own a home again. The question is who is going to help us with credit like ours? Losing a home, losing a job, reduced income, certainly doesn’t make us very attractive on paper, but we have made such progress in a year that we began to wonder… could we own a home again?

Well I did some research and it turns out there are places to turn. There is a new FHA program called Back to Work, and with the right lender behind us, there is a chance for us to rebuild.

So, we are going to give it a shot. The idea of being back in our own home, that feeling of stability restored for our family, and looking forward to a brighter future is one I didn’t think we would ever entertain again, but certainly an idea worth exploring.