How should a homebuyer choose a lender? This is an important decision, as the lender will be overseeing your 15-30 year mortgage. You are entering into a long-term relationship with the lender. It can be hard to evaluate which lenders are in business to help people and which are just looking to make money. If a previous lender has burned you you are even more likely to wonder how to determine your new lender will treat you fairly. At 1st Alliance Lending, we operate with integrity, but it can be difficult to prove that to a skeptical homebuyer. We’re proud to say that an independent study identified our company as a quality organization.

The Hartford Courant conducted a business ranking and instead of measuring workplaces by common aspects like wages and benefits, they asked employees how they felt about working for that organization. 660 organizations were nominated and employees were asked to complete confidential surveys by a third party research firm (Workplace Dynamics LLP). Only companies that made the list were identified to The Courant.

1st Alliance Lending is proud to have made the Hartford Courant Ranking! We strive to provide our employees a stimulating work environment and the quotes they gave indicate we have been successful. In addition they show our employees are proud of the good work we do. Here are some of the anonymous quotes from our employees:

“I believe in what we do and how we are helping people.”
“Helping people that deserve a second chance.”
“The company culture is great.”

If you are looking for a lender that has integrity contact us. 1st Alliance Lending works with homebuyers to create sustainable loans. We would be happy to show you we are trustworthy and ready to guide you through the process of obtaining a new home loan.